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We write the content to fit your cruising grounds. If you’re planning a special trip, perhaps to the Galapagos, Tahiti, North West Passage or even for an event such as the Formula One, we can create an entire magazine tailored to match your focus.

Articles that Intrigue

We differentiate content into two main groups; yacht specific and general interest. Our writers begin forming the general interest articles based upon discussions with you. Articles could be about cruising grounds, the marine environment, art, culture or historical features, and make for short, interesting reads which have a large degree of relevance to your yacht. As a bespoke magazine, the choice of content is entirely your decision; we will develop your ideas.

The yacht specific articles are where we build your yacht’s brand and make a truly unique magazine. Guests often like to know the inner-workings of a yacht. With your direction, we create a series of yacht specific articles containing photos and as much information as you want us to include.

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Bespoke Magazine Content

Our feature content gives you a bespoke magazine that won’t leave your brain in a mess. But if your head is full of ideas, then welcome to the drawing board.

Investor News

Welcome Aboard

An introductory message is traditionally from the Captain, but you might prefer your Laundry Master. Iron in hand, he could give a big warm smiley greeting to your guests. Printing the unexpected can add weight to produce a sincerer message, and with smiles being infectious, it’s perfect for any guest trip.

Core Safety Information

As well as the usual muster stations and lifejacket donning instructions, some tactful guidance can be included on your smoking policy, seasickness advice and general at sea well-being for the benefit of your guests.

Personal Development

Quick tips and learning for your Guests can really enhance their trip. We can explore activities such as karaoke, how to take better photos, and beginner’s or refresher guides on a variety of topics to suit your yacht. Maximise the guest’s enjoyment by drawing their attention to features which they may be unaware of, or those who are just out of their usual realm. ‘We went super-yachting and came back in love with kite-surfing!’

Eco Maritime

A look at some of the marine marvels that your guests can keep an eye out for. We create a homage to the environment in which your yacht operates. If you anticipate having younger guests on board, we can create a fun nature-orientated game for them to identify the wildlife.

Art and Culture

Major global art exhibitions, new gallery openings, and significant events. We can include smaller and regional upcoming artists, interesting articles on local art, music, language, and culture. This section provides an excellent feature for one-off special trips, such as the Northwest Passage.

Cruising and Travel Guides

Your magazine wouldn’t be complete without travel articles. We like using two features: the yacht’s local Cruising Ground; and Further Afield, our ‘Off the Beaten Rhumb Line’ segment looking at more unusual destinations. If you’re heading somewhere specific, then we can tailor the entire magazine as a special edition, providing your guests a cruising companion for their trip.

Feature Articles

General interest articles following a more traditional format, ideal for an enlightening and entertaining read. Short enough to skim through yet also something readers can lose themselves in. Early yachts, around the world racing, pioneers, explorers, developments in maritime technology such as navigation, clocks and watches, clothing. Stories of Oil-Skins to GTX. Articles for the sunbathers that can develop into dinner table talk.

“The Magazine provided us with a unique platform to exude the Yacht’s quintessential beauty for the Owner and Guests”

On Board Your Yacht

Dedicating a significant portion of the magazine to your yacht provides guests a spectacular insight, and allows you to project the image that you want. A bespoke magazine will enhance the yacht’s luxury and exclusivity, you can highlight specific features or activities for guests on board, and some crew may even like to have their own column, such as ‘Words from the Galley’ or ‘Life Tips from an Engineer’. Our writers can assist you and edit as required. Many clients find this segment quite fun and even entertaining. Who knows, perhaps we’ll uncover a hidden talent and see your name at the top of a prominent newspaper column. The yacht articles are your way to enhance the yacht’s brand and uprate the overall guest experience.

New Build Edition

A unique launch-edition magazine for a newly built yacht can be an enthralling addition to the honeymoon voyages. Once in service, the secrecy cloaking the yacht and the intrigue that perpetuated the build can be unwrapped for the guests in a collection of features, interviews, photos, and drawings. Telling the build story will keep the magic alive for the Owner and Guests.

Yacht Specific

What makes your yacht extra-super. Are you exceedingly dive orientated, have a fantastic spa team, a music studio, self-playing piano, or even an incredible cocktail list. Whatever it is, we can focus on it.

Music and Movies

At times, everyone can struggle to know what to watch, so a few well-chosen suggestions in the magazine can really help. We like to keep content date-neutral so your magazine doesn’t expire. We curate a selection of great films, and make sure you have them.

Departmental Spread

A look into each department, an interview with the head chef, or perhaps the galley hand or laundry master. Engineering insights, invitations for a tour of the engine room; guests are frequently intrigued by what is behind the scenes, the inner workings will become a fascinating story.

Instructional Information

Charter guests and those new to the yacht will benefit from operational guides for the A/V, air conditioning, or even an overview of the gym equipment. On a new build, we can work with the shipyard to produce this. An essential tool to compliment the guest experience, ensuring they get the very most from their trip.

Crew Photo

Crew profiles and a whole crew photo is often well received. However, what happens when crew are on leave, or you have some turnover? When you fly, the crew are rarely those featured in the on board magazine. It’s still nice to see the personal side of the crew, but as a bespoke magazine, this is entirely your choice.

No Advertising

With your own, bespoke magazine, advertisements are not a feature.

No Advertising

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