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Print Techniques

Hand-crafted touches will give your magazine a unique quality that exudes luxury. We can offer you a mind-boggling variety of papers, finishes and production methods, all of which affect the overall perception of your magazine. Gold leaf, embossing, and even specialist pearlescent papers are in our toolbox. During the design phase, we will work with you to find the best balance to fit your style and budget, ensuring your magazine looks and feels luxurious.

Your Magazine Hand Crafted

Your choice of paper is not to be underestimated and will allow you to really get adventurous. From weights, colours, naturals, glosses, even pearlescent or material finishes. If you have an idea of what you want, we can do it. We have a huge array of samples you can view and feel, or describe to us what you want and let us provide you some options.

Content is essential, but recognising the importance placed upon the magazine’s size, feel, ink and paper is a fine balance. Following the initial brief, we compose conceptual designs, write content and produce proofs for your review.

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Bespoke SuperYacht Magazines

When it comes to print on the page we have plenty of options to suit your requirements. Digital, lithographic, offset, letterpress, embossing, debossing, foiling, and we can even use soy-based ink for the more environmentally friendly approach.

The size and shape is an important consideration, A4 or half sized A5 provide a rectangular format. Both sizes can also be produced to work with a square magazine, which is less commonly seen in the usual magazine variants, and as such increases the uniqueness of your bespoke magazine. An A5 sized magazine, at half the dimension of A4, will half the size of storage space required on board, halve the shipping size and weight, and from a guest point of view can be held more easily, especially if outside – it’s not the same struggle as a broadsheet newspaper, but certainly a smaller form factor can be beneficial. A smaller magazine also will look neater on smaller sized cabin side tables, should this be a consideration for you.

We always ensure content is designed after the form factor has been decided, as font sizes need to be legible and the layout of content will alter considerably between a square or rectangular magazine.

There is no need to limit your creativity to linear forms, as a bespoke production we can work with you to create a magazine in entirely other designs, for example a circular port-hole shape or something in fitting with the shape of your Yacht’s logo. We can offer traditional and hand-crafted production techniques where anything is achievable.

The cover is where using extra-special techniques will increase the luxury feel. We can use soft-touch finishes, unusual materials, areas which are raised and glossy (Spot Gloss UV), debossed hand stamped foil text, cut-outs, and even sparkly papers. We will find the right balance to make your magazine look and feel brilliant.

If your Yacht gives guests a pocket-sized card (business card format) with emergency contact details, or perhaps the Wi-Fi password, you may wish you include this as a removable item in the back cover of your magazine; we can cut in slits to become a cardholder. We can also include a pocket in the back cover so you could add into the magazine some last-minute extras, such as a weekly trip itinerary or a map. Your options are limitless, we can design and produce what you can dream up, and should you need some creative inspiration our team can take the lead.

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