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New Builds

Have a fold-out GA at your fingertips with a Bespoke Notebook incorporating custom printed pages. We will create a new-build project kit for your entire team, helping you to work more efficiently and present a unified, professional image.
We do far more than just a logo on the front.

Present a Unified Image

During the early phase of a build, print products may seem far from your mind, but there is no reason to have supermarket notepads and lacklustre materials in front of you in a meeting. Our bespoke products give you the opportunity to ensure your team have exactly what they need.

  • On-board magazines with fleet-wide or shipyard branding can be created, providing a unique and engaging read, as well as being a desirable and collectable marketing asset. Bespoke Magazines
  • Business cards for your entire build team, helping to establish contacts and present a professional image.
  • Bespoke Notebooks and Diaries branded to your build with extra printed pages to include fold out GA’s, technical notes, contact lists, maps, or any information you think would be helpful.
  • Hotel print templates can be produced during the build; high-quality crew profile files, on board artwork guides, wine and spirit lists, in-cabin tabletop cards, wifi details, menu holders and everything guest facing.
    Our bespoke service with a fast turn around will ensure your print looks stunning.
  • A new-build is a fantastic opportunity to create your own Bespoke Magazine as there are so many exciting stories and a trove of photographic detail which can be published for your Owner and Guests after the yacht has been delivered.

The build is a unique opportunity to establish contacts, and in recognising this, we ensure that your entire team can have business cards to assist with every encounter. Quality Notebooks will help to retain valuable shipyard knowledge, and bespoke inclusions will support your team when it matters most. Our new-build kit is entirely bespoke, so you can choose exactly what you need, and how you want it printed.

Create a high-quality custom print kit for your build or fleet, enabling your team to present a professional and unified image in every meeting.

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